Photo courtesy of Jürgen Eick [DE]
A velomobile is a human-powered vehicle, sometimes with additional electric power, featuring a fairing for weather protection and/or aerodynamic advantage. Typically a velomobile has three wheels and is for one person, but four-wheelers and a few two-wheelers also exist, as well as some two-seaters.

The European Velomobile Design Seminars were started in 1993 by Dr Carl Georg Rasmussen, creator of the pioneering Leitra velomobile (two examples pictured). Digitised proceedings of the Velomobile Seminars are being made freely available online, in cooperation with the publishers, so as to encourage further development and uptake of these healthy and environmentally-friendly vehicles. Resources on this website are provided for educational purposes, not for sale or profit.

Photo courtesy of Eva Jacobs [NL]
Many people across Europe have given their time to help with digitising the proceedings.  Special thanks are due to Dr Andreas Fuchs, Peter Zeller, Ralph Schnyder, Christian Wittwer, Johan Vrielink, Han Goes, Kees van Malssen, Peter Robbemond, Stephan Gloger, Joachim Fuchs and Carl Georg Rasmussen himself.

A few original printed copies of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Seminars are available from Future Bike of Switzerland.

Content from the 8th Seminar (Dornbirn, 2015) is incomplete – if you presented at this seminar and can provide your presentation or paper, then please get in touch.

The 9th Seminar is scheduled for Tuesday 24th November 2020. It will be held online due to coronavirus. More information here.

Enjoy your ride!

Simon Bailey (WeatherVelo eco-vehicles), Hampton, England
November 2019